About us

At Collect 3D our journey began amidst the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic of staying safe at home with nowhere to go. Founded in Houston, Texas, with the entire country staying at home, we began to cherish and look at our collections that had been stored away for years. We sought to fix this and bring our collections back to life and display them proudly. We set out to revolutionize the way collectibles are displays and stored.

Challenging yourself and creating new ideas has always been the mantra for Collect 3D, with the rise in 3d printing we took full advantage of the possibilities of bringing your ideas to life and bringing them to the mass in an affordable way. Our case display was the original idea that was introduced for sale in June of 2021 which has been a big success, we later introduced our frame displays at the beginning of 2022 which improves on the minimalist aesthetic and cost. Our customers, friends, and all supporters have been the backbone of what we do. We are always looking to introduce new and exciting products that have never been offered before so you can fully enjoy and express your most prized collections!!


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