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Graded Card Frame Display (Fits TAG)

Graded Card Frame Display (Fits TAG)

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This design incorporates a hinge mechanism that allows the holder to stand upright and serve as a display. Folding the rear stand allows for easy storage without the need to remove the card from the cover, providing protection for your valuables! This graded card stand is 3D Printed using PLA, 

  • Secure fit to provide protection to your graded cards
  • Incorporated stand for easy storage when not displayed
  • Multiple colors available to match your favorite trading cards

Case dimensions:

5.60in x 3.43in x 0.57in (Stand Closed)

5.60in x 3.43in x 1.8in (Stand Open)

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Made in U.S.A

Over 25,000+ Sold

Our 3D Printers work 24 hours / 7 Days per week.

  • Insert

    Our cases have been designed to have a perfect fit for your slabs or magnetic holders, keeping your card secure!

  • Retract

    This patent pending design has an incorporated stand that folds in or out for easy storage or displaying!

  • Display

    Enjoy the enhanced look and feel of your cards!

Unique Design

This unique design has never been used before that displays and color matches your favorite trading cards. An incorporated stand folds in and out for easy display, or easy storage without the hassle of dealing with other flimsy stands that clutter and take up space.

Show off your collection with style!

Trading Card Stand Design - Fits PSA, HGA, BGS, SGC, CSG, Graded cards.